Step Up Your Financial Security Game With Password Management Software

If you're like most people, you probably have more than one financial account. You might have your bank account, an investment account, a separate savings or money market account, credit card accounts, and so on. If these accounts are from more than one financial provider, it's quite possible you have more than one username and password that you need to remember for all of these accounts. As your financial history expands or grows, it might become more difficult for you to remember all of the necessary information, unless of course you use the same exact log in and password for everything, but that is ill-advised. Read More 

5 Challenges Women Face When Planning For Retirement

Women face unique challenges when managing their finances. While some of their life events can be similar to those of their male counterparts, the effects may be much different. Here are a few financial obstacles you may face as you get closer to retirement.  1. Under-Funded Retirement. Women often have less saved up for retirement as they approach it. A few common reasons include lower lifetime earnings, focusing on family instead of personal savings, and career pauses. Read More 

Is Fee-Based Financial Planning Worth It?

Investing can be a daunting task to most people. After all, it's hard to know if an investment is "good" or "bad" or will even help one achieve their financial goals. Especially when that goal can often be saving up for a house, a child's college expenses, or even one's own retirement. Of course, one can always educate themselves on different investment products, investment strategies, and common market principles. However, this can be a rather time-consuming task, assuming one learns the information correctly in the first place. Read More 

3 Methods for Targeting Your Retirement Financial Needs

While it's good to focus your retirement planning efforts on simply saving up as much as you can, you should also have an idea of what is a good goal. But with so many variables, how can you know what that target should be?  Here are a few methods for doing so. Find the right one by understanding how they each work. Percentage Method The percentage method takes your retirement savings and multiplies it by a certain percentage that you could take out each year. Read More 

4 Important Services Of A Sports Advisory Firm For A Franchise Investor

Professional sports have become a good business to invest money in, but this is not just for the top professional leagues in the country. There are minor league franchises in baseball and hockey as well as franchises in professional sports such as women's basketball, men and women's soccer and lacrosse to name a few. Although there are opportunities in sports franchise investing, there are many questions that need to be answered before you decide to invest your money. Read More