How To Establish Your Office Staff As You Begin Your New Small Business

Is your dream of owning your own business finally a reality? Perhaps you have opened a legal practice or you have started your own dental practice. Whatever business you have established, you have probably realized early on that you will need others to handle certain portions of your business. After all, if you are busy with clients, it would certainly be inconvenient and even inappropriate to be answering the telephone!  From selecting a receptionist to establishing small business accounting, here are some ideas on how to establish your office staff as you begin your new small business:

Full-Time Employees - Think of workers who will need to report to work every day your business is open.

  • For example, you'll probably need somebody to work the front desk, a receptionist.
  • If so, think about finding somebody who is not only dependable but who is also gracious and friendly.
  • If you're lucky enough to find a receptionist who is good at remembering names, that's just the frosting-on-the-cake.
  • Your clients will be pleased and impressed to be greeted by name when they come to your place of business.
  • Will you need somebody to deliver things like legal documents or other paperwork? Of course, you'll want to find somebody who has a good driving record and who is trustworthy.

Part-Time Employees - How will you maintain financial records?

  • At least at the beginning, when your business is brand new, you may just need to establish yourself with a small business accounting firm.
  • The small business accounting firm will more than likely send a representative to meet you so that you can together go over the financial aspect of your business.
  • Accountants who are well trained and who have experience will keep a full accounting of your business expenditures.
  • Together you and your small business accountant will go over carefully kept records so that you can readily see where your money is being spent and where you can make needed changes in order to show a greater profit.
  • Even though the accounting service may not be right in your own office area, the service will be available to you anytime you need it. Appointments are helpful, but you can more than likely meet with one of the accountants anytime you need extra help or when you have concerns that need to be addressed.

As you work with the small business accounting firm that you have selected, you will more than likely be assigned one or two individuals who will be over your account. You'll get to know each other so well that you might even become friends.

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