Step Up Your Financial Security Game With Password Management Software

If you're like most people, you probably have more than one financial account. You might have your bank account, an investment account, a separate savings or money market account, credit card accounts, and so on. If these accounts are from more than one financial provider, it's quite possible you have more than one username and password that you need to remember for all of these accounts. As your financial history expands or grows, it might become more difficult for you to remember all of the necessary information, unless of course you use the same exact log in and password for everything, but that is ill-advised. An easier solution might be to start using password manager software to help you. The right password managing software can make your life easier in a variety of different ways.

One Password to Rule Them All

It's not a good idea to use the same exact login information across multiple financial accounts, primarily because of hackers. If one account is compromised and the hacker sees that they can get in, they might then try to use that same username and password for another financial account. But, when you have password management software installed on your computer, you can go ahead and diversify your financial passwords, knowing that you only have to remember the password for the manager to get it to put the correct login information into whatever site you're on. Because the password manager is stored on your own computer, you will have additional security features in place and do not need to worry about the manager becoming compromised in the same way that an online account might.

Random Passwords Are Much Harder to Hack

Once your password manager is set up properly, you could even use it to create randomly generated passwords for all of your accounts. It is more difficult for a hacker to figure out that your password is a string of several different random characters than it would be to guess the name of your dog or children. A good password manager can randomize all of your passwords in this way, again leaving you in full control because you still have the password to the manager software itself.

Log In Faster

When your password manager software detects that you are loading a page for one of your financial institutions, it can automatically input the username and password info for you with no additional steps needed on your part except maybe to just click "login." This convenience may only save you seconds, but those seconds will add up over time.

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