Legacy Planning Documents You Can Use

Legacy planning is the process of deciding how your remaining assets will be distributed upon your passing. As you go through the legacy planning process, an attorney may help you draft several different types of documents that help with this. Last Will and Testament A last will and testament is colloquially referred to simply as a "will." This is one of the most common legacy planning documents, and you'll likely draft a will even if you have other documents too. Read More 

Managing The Risksfinancial Institutions Face

Financial institutions will face an assortment of risks that will have to be managed. This is especially true with modern banking as the use of networking and other computer components can substantially increase the range of attacks that the institution could face. Identifying Potential Sources Of Risk It is difficult to effectively mitigate a threat or risk if you are not aware of it being a concern. Completing a comprehensive risk assessment for the institution can be a critical step in securing it. Read More 

Financial Planning Tips for Paying off Your Mortgage Early

Are you looking for ways to pay off your mortgage fast? Paying off your mortgage quickly can have a lot of financial benefits. You will spend less money in the long run and be able to save more. However, paying off your mortgage quickly is not as easy as it sounds. You need to have a plan in place to ensure that you can achieve this financial goal. Here's a look at financial planning steps you can use to achieve this goal. Read More 

Retirement Looming? 5 Steps To Protect Your Finances Later

Is retirement fast approaching? The final few years before you retire is a good time to make last-minute moves that will reduce your expenses or raise your retirement income. What might you spend these years doing that will pay off when you leave work? Here are a few ideas.  1. Meet With a Financial Planner If you don't already have a financial planner on your team, now is the time to find one. Read More 

Top Signs You Should Hire an Investment Advisor and Manager

Nowadays, there are more tools than ever that make it possible for a person to handle their own investments. For example, there are a multitude of websites out there that you can use for things like buying stocks and tracking your investments. This does not mean that the advisors and managers that are out there to help people with investing don't have valuable and important jobs, however. In fact, there is certainly a good chance that you could benefit from working with an investment advisor and manager if any of the things listed below are true for you. Read More